World Retail Congress 2019


Circling the ‘Self-Centric Consumer’


Circling the ‘Self-Centric Consumer’

15 May 2019
Lab D

What do consumers really value from their relationships with retailers and how has this changed over these years of major disruption and transformation across the industry? In a major study, AlixPartners have been tracking exactly this; they have identified not only the core fundamentals of today’s consumer/retailer relationship but also those absolutely critical factors that retailers need to be aware of if they are to attract what they are calling the Self-Centric Consumer. In this session, hear the full detail of this important consumer research and then the practical insights from a panel of retailers and brands.  *exclusive research

Matt Hamory, Managing Director - AlixPartners
Adam Holyk, Senior Vice President, Retail and Consumer Services - Walgreen Co.
Carol Hamilton, Group President - L’Oréal USA