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Keynote Address: State of Consumer Goods Retailing and the Forecast for the Future

27 Apr 2023
Main Stage
Main Stage

CGF is unique in being a network of global CEOs from consumer goods retailers and manufacturers all over the world, committed to working together to drive positive change. Through collaboration, we are working to drive changes which have lasting positive effects on people, planet and business, using our influential reach to encourage the global adoption of practices and standards. 

The need to act on the most pressing sustainability issues has never been stronger. Price volatility in fossil-based energy supplies has intensified the focus on renewables. Disrupted supply chains have highlighted the need to create sustainable and local sources for raw materials. The global cost-of-living crisis has put additional strains on household budgets, and there is a need to scale efforts quickly to reduce food waste and make healthy and sustainable products accessible and affordable.  

As we look ahead, it is difficult to have a clear view of 2023, but we do know that the long-term needs of the industry – and its critical role in society – are unwavering. It is why CGF exists, and the disruptions of the past two years have reinforced our resolve to expand our outreach and implement actions that have meaningful impact. Collaboration is critical if the goods industry is to achieve positive impact at scale.  

It is now more a question of increasing our collective pace. The challenge in 2023 will be closely monitoring global circumstances while also maintaining as many opportunities as possible for people to come together, share best practices and work on concrete actions and solutions. 

As an industry we are making progress, but the time has come to accelerate our collective effort. 

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