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The Next Big Change You Need To Adopt For A Sensory-based, Hyper-Personalized Consumer Experience

26 Apr 2023
Track 3
Track Three

By attending this immersive session and interacting with your peers and Vinhood experts, you will learn: 

·  How Vinhood has created an always-on, global, plug&play listening terminal, generating fresh insights on consumer preferences around taste by region, country, city and store; 

·  How 150+ business partners from 40 countries in Vinhood’s Taste Ecosystem already adopted it for predictive purposes, increasing marketing and sales strategy cost-effectiveness; 

·  How the enabling technology at the core works: you’ll use it yourself live and will be led in the discovery of the resulting data and insights; 

·  How you can integrate this into your strategy to profile, engage and convert clients cross-channel creating hyper-personalized, immersive shopping experiences. 

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Francesca Ferrario, Chief Marketing Officer - Vinhood

Join retail leaders shaping the future of global retailers