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Where Next for DEI? Unleashing the Power of Difference

26 Apr 2023
Track 2
Track Two
Focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has increased in organisations over the last decade. The business case is clear, but we also know it's simply the right thing to do. However, the shift from policy to practice and understanding what inclusion really is and how to truly create an inclusive workforce where everyone can thrive and difference is valued, is still a missing piece of the puzzle. And there is so much opportunity to be had when organisations get this right. In this panel discussion, we'll be discussing: The gap between leaders' perspectives on inclusion and the lived experiences of the broader workforce The challenges and opportunities for organisations to shift the dial in a positive direction Recommendations for organisations to take positive action on inclusion
Lindsay Carroll - National Retail Association of Australia
Lydia Smith, Chief Diversity Officer - Victoria's Secret
Joseph D Kenner, President and CEO - Greyston Bakery
Chrystelle Chevalier-Gagnon, Partner, Retail and Consumer Markets Group Leader - McCarthy T├ętrault LLP

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