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A Greener Purpose: Driving True Sustainable Operations

26 Apr 2023
Track 2
Track Two

 There’s a lot of new kids on the block in retail and they all have one thing in common - sustainability is at the core of their purpose and business model. They’re leading a whole new era of retailing - and winning with the next big generation of consumers. These businesses have built-in more sustainable operations from the ground up – and finding success. From accurate demand forecasting to reduce wastage to sourcing more planet-friendly materials, these young retailers are setting out the stall for a new future. Learn how they have understood sustainability in new ways, and built their operations to suit.

Susan de Vries, Founder - Drop & Loop
Georgia Scott, Co founder - Ground Truth
Ganesh Subramanian, Founder & CEO - Stylumia
Kasper Peterson, Co-founder - Labfresh
Joanna Jensen, Founder - Child's Farm

Join retail leaders shaping the future of global retailers