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19 Apr 2024


Creating Luxury Customer Experiences Using Data-driven Insights

This years report from Deloitte and World Retail Congress explore one of the five themes for the 2024 Congress 'Winning with Customers'.

In luxury retail, customer experience has always been paramount. But it’s likely no longer enough to serve your clients a flute of champagne as they search for this season’s pièce de résistance. The bar has been raised. In the past year, digitalization has surged within the luxury retail sector, propelling brands toward new horizons beyond what we’ve seen before. We’re entering an era defined by immersive digital experiences. From personalized virtual styling to AI-augmented chatbots and beyond, the possibilities that generative AI (GenAI) poses are futuristic. However, many luxury retailers—and consumers—have yet to embrace this transformative shift.

There are ethical, social, and data security considerations at play, demanding the attention of leading maisons. So, is GenAI here to stay, or is it just a passing trend? How can retailers embrace this technology while managing the associated risk? How are leading fashion houses leveraging GenAI to deliver winning customer experiences? How can data analytics and GenAI converge to help retailers deliver these experiences successfully and responsibly? 

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