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KiKi Lab

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Kiki Lab (Gruppo Promotica) was founded by Fabrizio Valente to pursue a specific goal: working with Retail and companies involved with Retail and help them be successful. Our institute offers personalized projects, integrating strategic and operational consulting with surveys, training and services. Our starting point is always the Customers: understand their needs and desires. We integrate this with an ongoing study of trends and scenarios, which helps us ‘anticipate the future’. We provide new projects that make the most of the unique DNA of each company.


Kiki Lab is the Italian member of Ebeltoft Group, which Fabrizio Valente helped establish in 1990. The network connects Retail consulting firms and is engaged in various activities world-wide such as strategic consulting. These include: creation of new Retail Concepts; international development projects; Retail Branding; Due Diligence. Ebeltoft Group ongoing international research projects include: Retail Innovations;  Trust Factor in Retail; Cross-Channeling.


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