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Back to the future approach boots sales for Levi's

Back to the future approach boots sales for Levi's
Mixing heritage and futuristic approaches to both the brand and the core products has helped Levi's continue to expand despite challenging conditions 

On day two of the World Retail Congress in Amsterdam, Marc Rosen, Executive Vice President and President of DTC at Levi’s, talked about redefining the future and how taking the best of the past can help to create a dynamic future.

“We are fortunate to have so many years to look back on as a company” Rosen said. “Today, we are focussing on technology to take customisation up to scale. This generation wants the opportunity to design their own product, so that they can have a unique piece. With the Jacquard by Google jacket, we literally injected a product with technology and took leading denim finishing into the new digital era.”

“With the consumer wave towards customisation, personalisation and sustainability, we are focussing on innovation in fabric and around sustainability.” Rosen said. “We are now working with hemp denim, which uses less water than producing regular cotton.“

In addition, the brand has developed a new operating model where FLX laser technology is used to colour the fabric and finishing texture. “With this innovation, we are reducing the use of chemicals in our production process and making fabric that actually feels softer.”

By moving from producing finished goods, to producing blank canvasses which allow customers to design their own product online, Levi’s is pushing customisation and personalisation to a whole new level. “We are moving the tailor shop to the centre of the store. It is no longer just a shop, it became a space of collaboration,” Rosen said.


The fact that customers are using visual search for their online shopping more and more, means that a purchasing decision is more likely to have been made well before the customer enters the shopping area. For this business model, combining technology with customisation, personalisation and sustainability, Levi’s is using its consumers’ needs to develop growth opportunities for the future.

“We are still going to be there for the 501 clients. However, we want to inspire them with options to customise our iconic jeans to their personal style.”

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