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17 Apr 2018

Changing structures can create opportunities says Chobani

Changing structures can create opportunities says Chobani
Combining functions and realigning a business around where investment and sales gain the most traction can reap strong rewards, claimed Peter McGuinness, Chief Marketing, Commercial and Demand Officer at yoghurt brand Chobani at World Retail Congress in Madrid this afternoon.

The company, which is 10 years old, is also planning to open more cafes although McGuiness stressed that this is largely to grow the brand rather than as a push into F&B.

He said: “We have been pioneering a lot of programmes for employees, emphasising our values and we are purpose based. That tends to skew us towards millennials in terms of consumers. We decided it was time to act and change the way we make demand. So we combined a lot of functions.

“We took departments and budgets and put them together as a demand creation budget. The relative youth of our business means we didn't have a lot of entrenched silos to break down, it was more of a case of building up" 

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