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06 Apr 2017

Five lessons to engage and inform from Mindy Grossman

HSN Inc CEO Mindy Grossman told World Retail Congress delegates in Dubai this afternoon that they needed to get out of the retail and technology businesses and into the meaning business.

In a session outlining the way to tap into consumers' 'connected lives', she said that with predictions that connected devices would rise to 50 billion worldwide, HSN is following five lessons to engage with shoppers.

First, mobile is the new flagship, she claimed. “It is not a device, it is a destination.”

Secondly, she said retailers must view everyone and everything as their competition, including whatever is the consumers most recent experience.

Next, “agile is the new smart” and fourth, “realise that the hierarchy of needs pyramid still exists but it has been inverted”.

Finally, Grossman declared “talent is value”.

HSN has followed the mantra by promoting collaborations and brands across multiple channels and adapting the message to the medium to ensure that each channel is optimised for the opportunity, she said. This included a New York Fashion Week tie-up with tennis star Serena Williams and the opening of new stores, where personalisation has been put at the heart of the retail offer.

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