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16 Jan 2018

The digital revolution is upon us

The digital revolution has ushered in the most challenging era in British retail history, destroying the traditional business models that have been the bedrock of the sector for decades.

However, it has also unlocked new opportunities at an unprecedented rate for those agile and innovative enough to seize them. The industry stands at a precipice of a period that will define the success or otherwise of British retail for a generation.

Grappling with the extraordinary pace of technology innovations is an becoming an increasingly enormous challenge for retailers, with developments in technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality and IoT entirely redefining not only the way in which we’re communicating and engaging with our customers, but how we must operate as a business to future-proof our place in the industry. And this is no longer the responsibility of a single department or function within the business.

As technology continues to infiltrate all areas of a business’ operation, departments and functions can no longer work in silos, but must come together to form a collaborative and strategic force to turn tech disruption into an opportunity to growth. Both surviving and thriving in the digital age will take a new collaborative approach to decision making, with the answers to long term sustainable value creation found by building strategic partnerships across the digital retail ecosystem. 

Tech. is the brand-new event from our sister brand, Retail Week, and has been created to bring together Europe’s entire retail technology ecosystem together to navigate the most disruptive years in retail history, and to explore what the next 6-24 months holds for innovation and disruption in technology, and what this means for retailers’ strategies and priorities in the coming years.

The event puts the most innovative individuals and companies both front and centre to share their vision for the future of technology in retail, exploring how they turn this disruption into an opportunity. We are currently on the look-out for those individuals and companies with game-changing ideas, innovative visions and disruptive thinking capabilities to take to the stage at Tech.

If you’re a tech aficionado, a retailer that is championing true tech innovation, or a tech company driving disruption from the forefront, this is your chance to be a part of the conversation, drive change, and position yourself as being at the very helm of the digital revolution.

This is your chance to speak to the brightest names in retail technology and the biggest names in retail. It is a fee free platform for you to speak at Tech., but our content is reserved only for the very best, so your idea needs to be compelling and unique.

To find out more about the event, our call for content, and what we’re looking for from submissions, please read our Guide to Getting on Stage which you can download here

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