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AiCi Li

AiCi Li

Director of Futures Lab, MARS

AiCi Li is the director at Mars, leading a team bringing the outside-in and the future-back in order to spark innovation, challenge internal thinking, and invent new ways forward in retail and marketing. With 15+ years of experience, AiCi is devoted to putting consumers closer to decisionmaking, bringing seamless and technology-forward solutions to all parts of the business while looking to build community and apply levity to her team, the company, and the retail & marketing industry at large.

Her experience spans across a variety of industries including automotive, banking, personal care, and food. For the last 8 years, AiCi has focused on the future of retail, as well as pioneering new tools and methodologies to solve for the different needs of the shopper, manufacturer, and retailer. Some notable work include creation of a program leveraging computer vision to optimize store sales, pioneering conversational commerce efforts, and identifying category growth opportunity that also deliver a new revenue model at retail


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