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Anita Mendiratta

Anita Mendiratta

President and Founder, Anita Mendiratta and Associates

When global leaders are facing crisis or excited to unlock opportunity, they turn to ANITA MENDIRATTA. A globally recognised and respected Tourism, Hospitality, Hotel and Aviation Development practitioner, author, diplomat, and on-air personality, Anita leads ANITA MENDIRATTA & Associates - WWW.ANITAMENDIRATTA.COM - a successful, London based international consulting firm working closely with global leaders in governments, businesses, and international organisations.

 As a globally recognised professional Speaker, Moderator and Facilitator, Anita has become a recognised, highly respected presence on summit, conference, seminar and think tank stages worldwide. Anita has lead leadership discussions at the highest levels with governments, businesses and entities including the UN, UNESCO, UNWTO, World Bank Group, EBRD, CNN International, IATA, ICAO, ATAG and numerous governments around the world. Her proven sector acumen, coupled with her warm and engaging style, allows her to connect with others across the globe in a way that is truly unique, and lasting, whether an audience of 1000+ or an intimate workshop.

With professional foundations with IBM, Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company, Anita possesses over three decades of experience across over 100 countries and is admired for having an innate ability to feel the ‘heartbeat’ behind the economic, social, political, and environmental dynamics of nations. Most recently, Anita took on the critical role of trusted advisor, guiding leaders and educators for knowledge upliftment and decision-making vital to inclusive, and sustainable recovery of global Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Aviation in a post-COVID world.

 Recognised as one of the ‘Top 25 Inspirational Executives in Travel/Hospitality’ in 2023, her latest book THE CALL TO LEADERSHIP: UNLOCKING THE LEADER WITHIN IN TIMES OF CRISIS (WWW.THECALLTOLEADERSHIP.COM) was released worldwide in November 2023. Already receiving praise from across government, business, and academic circles worldwide, the book focuses on the personal leadership journey when facing a time of crisis, going beyond technical aspects of leadership in crisis to examine the hearts and minds of global leaders of the highest levels, and how they dealt with leading in one the hardest times in all our lives: the COVID pandemic. Through up-close-and-personal interviews with C-Suite leaders from across the global Travel, Tourism & Aviation ecosystem, their unique, intimate perspectives on stepping forward to lead through a time when the world was literally grounded - a time we can all relate to as we were all kept away from loved ones and livelihoods for a length of time never seen before in our lifetimes. Their never heard before stories, reflections and revelations enable us all to learn how we can understand, control, and even navigate our own ability to face a crisis - be it personal or professional - and come through safer, stronger, and even stronger for others. The findings are remarkable, emotionally raw, and rigorous as a study of exceptional leadership. Importantly, one-third of all proceeds of the sales of the book will be donated directly to the Anita Mendiratta Foundation - her UK registered charity which restores early childhood education in tourism- based economies and communities around the globe that are recovering from crisis.

 Other honours include:

 • SPECIAL ADVISOR to the Secretary General, UNWTO,

• STRATEGIC ADVISOR - CNN International,

• EXECUTIVE IN RESIDENCE - University of Surrey, UK,

• VISITING PROFESSOR - Cranfield University, UK.

Anita’s global impact has resulted in her securing a respected position within the international leadership community including being recognised year after year as a global example of purposeful, inspiring leadership also include:

 • 'Most Influential Woman in Tourism’ in 2019,

• ‘Top 25 Inspirational Executives in Travel/Hospitality’ in 2021, and

• ‘Most Innovative Women Leaders Inspiring the World’ in 2022


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