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Hans Fischmann

Hans Fischmann

Vice President of Product Management , Vericast

Hans Fischmann serves as the Vice President of Product Management at Vericast, spearheading the digital product team in delivering cutting-edge omnichannel programmatic advertising solutions across various media platforms. With an impressive tenure exceeding 25 years in technology, media, and advertising, Hans has established himself as a driving force in commercializing and scaling innovative products. His initiatives have consistently driven engagement and generated significant revenue for clients and partners.

A deep-rooted passion for guiding innovation is at the core of Hans’ professional ethos. He is dedicated to fostering a culture focused on solving complex challenges and developing solutions that define markets and set new standards for excellence. Hans' approach to product management is informed by his belief in the transformative power of data and technology. He advocates for leveraging these tools to create exceptional experiences that offer real value to customers and users, setting a benchmark for what is achievable in the industry.

Hans Fischmann's leadership and strategic vision at Vericast have been pivotal in positioning the company at the forefront of programmatic advertising. His work exemplifies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the development of market-leading solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the digital advertising landscape.


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