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Jake Posner

Jake Posner

Founder and Creative Director, No One True Anything

Jake Posner is the visionary Founder and Creative Director behind NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, a dynamic fashion brand making waves globally.


With an innate passion for fashion cultivated since childhood, Jake's journey took an unconventional turn when he was expelled from school at 16. His first paycheck became an investment in clothes, igniting a lifelong love affair with style and self-expression.


Fashion became Jake's canvas, where he discovered the art of colour combinations, the harmony of materials, and the interplay of cuts. This creative exploration fueled his vision for NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING.


In a serendipitous twist, Jake's entrepreneurial spirit was sparked by a literal dream in 2021, propelling him to manifest his fashion brand the very next day. Recognizing the need for authenticity and inclusivity in a saturated industry, Jake harnessed his Dyslexia and Neurodivergence to carve out a unique niche.


Since the inception of NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, Jake's impact has been profound. With a client base spanning over 25 countries, opened stores in London's Covent Garden and Soho, and a new London location is on the horizon, his brand continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


Beyond fashion, Jake's commitment to social and environmental responsibility is evident. As an ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association, he champions inclusivity and awareness. Moreover, his collaboration with supply chain partners has led to ground breaking advancements, including the implementation of cutting-edge technology to reduce denim production's water consumption by up to 99%.


Jake Posner is not just redefining fashion; he's revolutionizing it, one innovative step at a time.


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