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Kimberly Carney

Kimberly Carney

Founder and CEO, The Wires: FashWire, GlossWire & PawWire

With several years of experience in technology and over seventeen years of owning multi-brand retail stores, Kimberly leverages her deep expertise in retail, technology, AI and data monetization to provide real-time data and actionable insights for The Wires. She is recognized as one of the top retail influencers in her respective industries, and she has received multiple awards and honors for her industry leadership and impact. Kimberly is passionate about fostering education, conversation, and collaboration among the retail and technology communities and supporting social and environmental causes through her advocacy. Kimberly is also recognized by New York Fashion Tech Lab as an industry expert and by Authority Magazine as a female disruptor in technology. Kimberly holds a BA in Business Management and Marketing from Seattle University and is also a board member of Fashion Group International and Gifting Brands. Kimberly is a rare combination of fashion, retail, and tech with an entrepreneurial spirit. She has an innate talent for identifying and delivering on market needs through passion, vision, drive, and authenticity. Simply put, she is a trailblazer within the retail digital sector.

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