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Lorenzo Cotti

Lorenzo Cotti

CEO, Integra Fragrances

Founder and CEO of Integra Fragrances, Lorenzo Cotti began his professional career in the IT division of the chemical giant Montedison holding. He then worked for the Apple’s Italian subsidiary until 1996, when he left the IT field to join the retail industry. It was thanks to his business intuition and commercial acumen that a small local company specialized in the design and development of new concept stores for brands such as Nike and Apple, grew into a big successful firm. 

In 2006, Lorenzo founded his own Integra Retail, a startup designing retail formats for the sportswear and automotive brands Reebok, Suzuki and Honda. Constantly striving to build new and engaging store experiences, he started to believe in the power of scent applied to retail as a strong communication tool and brand enhancer. The crisis of 2009 required a rapid strategical change, which ended up with Integra Retail revolutionizing its know-how and business model to become Integra Fragrances. Today Integra Fragrances is an Italian excellence offering scent branding services to some of the global leading brands within the retail sector and many others. The company is specialized in the creation of bespoke fragrances able to translate the brand’s DNA into a custom sensorial experience, which makes customer journeys unique and unforgettable. This expertise, combined with an avant-garde scenting technology, an exceptional level of service, and decades of experience in the retail and HVAC design, allows Integra Fragrances to perfume brands and events with over 5,000 remotely controlled devices installed worldwide. 


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