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Matt Chadder

Matt Chadder

CEO, Instinct Laboratory

Matt has been at the forefront of commercial behavioural sciences for the last 20 years working across the world with some of the world’s most significant organisations. After studying industrial design at university in the UK, he started working in the retail industry working for an agency launching products in to store and designing retail spaces.

Frustrated by the lack of shopper psychology understanding and application of behavioral sciences in both marketing and retail design, Matt decided to create a company that would reflect these core values, and subsequently established instinct laboratory in 2006.

From the beginning, instinct laboratory was a new type of agency that brought together fields of study that seldom cooperated in the industry; a business where biologists, evolutionary psychologists, historians, designers and marketers could all collaborate, and use their individual expertise to collectively solve complex issues for companies and organizations.

Today, the product of this vision can be seen across the world for numerous brands and organisations, silently attracting customer attention and driving purpose throughout everything Matt does.

In every project, Matt always talks about how objective data and insight should drive retail decisions rather than subjective opinions. It’s not about how things look, but moreover how they work. Today more than ever, executives must understand how a human being “works” and what truly drives all our decisions, consciously and subconsciously.


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