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Nick Graham

Nick Graham

CEO, Spaceone Industries

Not since the Apollo program has there been this much activity in the space industry. With the increased exploration of deep-space combined with the rapidly growing orbital commercial sector, the industry is going through an unprecedented stage of growth. This growth will have a direct effect on not only enhancing retail technologies through enhanced connectivity, but is also fueling a large untapped consumer market that is becoming more engaged in the new space age.

SPACEONE Industries is a New York based design company that collaborates with space industry leaders such as Blue Origin, NASA and many others, as well as distributing sustainably produced space inspired products for the retail sector.

The company’s philosophy, “We Are All Astronauts” refers to the fact that we are already on a planet going 67,000 MPH around the sun so there are 8 Billion astronauts already. By using advanced science and innovative design, SPACEONE is committed to minimize our footprint of not only the future planets we will explore, but also on the planet that we call home. The company also implements marketing strategies with entertainment and consumer product companies to increase consumer engagement of space, as well as supporting S.T.E.M. education to train the future astronauts.

SPACEONE CEO Nick Graham is an internationally recognized designer and marketer, and has partnered with numerous space initiatives over his career including the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, Brian Cox, Bill Nye and NASA. In 2017 Graham had Buzz Aldrin walk in his Men’s fashion show in New York.

Graham was also the founder of Joe Boxer as well as his eponymous brand, is a long-time member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and has won numerous awards for his achievements.


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