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Nicola Johnson

Nicola Johnson

US Alphabet Google Alliance Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Deloitte Consulting LLP

Nicola Johnson is the US CCO Google Alliance for Deloitte and is a Principal at Deloitte Consulting.  Focusing primarily within the Consumer/ Retail practice and technology arena Nicola has over 25 years of international consulting/ technology/ consumer-retail experience.  She brings industry-leading insights and innovative solutions that provide clients confidence in tackling their toughest issues.

Nicola has led complex global business transformations generating strong market, operational, and project results for large, retail and consumer business clients across the globe. She has a strong focus on enterprise transformation including cloud, data and AI as well as Generative AI approaches.  Additionally, she focuses on technology value and strategy, and works closely with clients to optimize business, data/ AI and digital agendas to deliver lasting impact. Her specialty is utilizing technology to enhance corporate processes, deliver more accurate information, and provide executives with increased business efficiencies and competitive advantage.

Within Deloitte, Nicola has held several roles including Global Lead Client Service Partner, Global Lead Consulting Partner, US Consumer Industry Technology lead, US Consumer Diversity and Inclusion lead, member of the Deloitte Consulting Talent Council, and Lead for the Global Client Leader Development Program.

Outside Deloitte, Nicola has been an active member of the Network of Executive Women (now rebranded as NextUp) for over 12 years, serving as a Board Member and Technology Advisory leader.  Other external affiliations include the National Association of Women’s MBAs and the National Retail Federation.


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