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Purva Gupta

Purva Gupta

CEO and Founder, LilyAI


Purva Gupta is co-founder & CEO of Lily AI, the first AI platform that bridges the gap between brand-speak and customer-speak to drive growth for retailers and brands. Lily’s technology automatically assigns customer-centric product attributes to a company’s entire product catalog and injects this language of the customer throughout all retail systems from onsite search and SEO to recommendation and demand intelligence engines.

Purva began her career with Saatchi and Saatchi, forming her love of retail when she was assigned to P&G and witnessed the emotional strength of the connection people had to their preferred products. Inspired by consumer innovation, Purva joined Eko, a branchless banking and mobile payments platform serving the unbanked and funded by Gates Foundation. Most recently, Purva was with UNICEF Ventures’ Innovation Fund, investing in life-saving apps and technologies. 


Purva is an immigrant founder who has been on 6 visas in the last 4 years to live her American dream. She is a Tory Burch Fellow(2019) and holds an MBA from Indian School of Business and Bachelor’s in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce (India).


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