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Rishi Prabhu

Rishi Prabhu

Co-Founder & CEO, Bespoke Post

Rishi Prabhu is the co-founder of Bespoke Post. Together with friend and business school classmate Steve Szaronos, Rishi launched Bespoke Post in 2011. In the seven years since, the duo has built Bespoke Post to be the leading men’s lifestyle subscription and e-commerce service, delivering goods and guidance to nearly half a million customers across the U.S. and Canada.

On the heels of completing his MBA at Kellogg School of Management, Rishi and Steve were accepted into the Entrepreneur’s Roundtable Accelerator program and saw an opportunity in the e-commerce market for a subscription service for men.

They noticed that men were more conscious of and interested in self-improvement than ever. Yet there wasn’t a single one-stop shop out there for them to elevate their daily lives – a place that not only sold quality products at a fair price, but also taught new and better ways of living. And so, Bespoke Post was born.

The goal: to help the modern man discover, enjoy, and make the most of new and interesting goods. The kind of stuff that'll make him feel sharper, cooler, and more confident each and every day.

A veteran of the consulting field, Rishi began his career at McKinsey, with subsequent stops at Groupon and Google.

Rishi received his Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science and mathematics, as well as a master’s degree in computer science, from New York University. He received his MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management.

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