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Rosie Mangiarotti

Rosie Mangiarotti

Founder and CEO, Perkies
Perkies was founded in a college course Rosie Mangiarotti took her junior year at Brown University. Through this class, students learned all about starting a company through doing close readings on entrepreneurial case studies. As part of the class, students were split into teams to come up with an idea- a product or service that solves a customer pain point- and to create a full fledged business plan. Rosie pitched this idea of creating a better sticky bra and her classmates were on board. Rosie worked alongside my classmates in a business team of six to transform the idea of the “Reliabra” (now, Perkies) into an opportunity, an opportunity that is now a commercial reality. After Rosie graduated, with some wind behind my back through pitch competition success and Brown's Venture lab, Rosie decided to bring this idea to life and work on Perkies full time! After three years of a strenuous R&D process, the Perkies Sticky Bra (the only sticky bra with layered/replaceable adhesives) was launched during the summer of 2021. Since the launch, Perkies has added other unique products to the line including Perkies Petals nipple covers as well as Perkies Nips nipple enhancers and is now onboarding with big time retailers. 

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