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Sue Welch

Sue Welch

Sue Welch

Founder & CEO, Bamboo Rose

Sue Welch is the Founder and CEO of Bamboo Rose, the leading multi-enterprise supply chain platform connecting retail communities across the globe. A tech startup veteran with six companies to her name, Welch began her career creating automation technology for international trade. As CEO of Rockport Trade Systems, she helped launched the first business software to run on a PC instead of a mainframe, prompting solutions firm QRS to purchase the company in 1992.


Today, as CEO of Bamboo Rose, Welch continues to innovate the world of product development. The Bamboo Rose B2B platform simplifies product creation and delivery by combining seven unique digital solutions housed under one roof: Marketplace, PLM, Sourcing, PO Management, GTM, and Financing. Supported by intelligent engines for optimization, costing, and scheduling, the platform now allows users to discover, develop, and deliver products at digital speed.