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Xiaodong Chen

Xiaodong Chen

CEO, InTime (an Alibaba company)

CHEN Xiaodong is a Vice President of Alibaba Group and CEO of Intime Retail Group. He leads Intime retail group since 2009; after the company was privatized by Alibaba Group in 2017, he focuses on “new retail” strategy, the digital restructuring of department stores. As the leader of Intime Retail Group, he redefines consumer, merchandise and physical stores, establishing Cloud-based department store based on digitization. He leads the company to return to the business essence. Mr. Chen has won numerous awards throughout the years: 

- Forbes China’s Best CEO in 2012 

- Annual Person of China’s Retail Industry in 2013-2014 

- “The Best Management Innovation Award” for China retail industry in 2015 

- “Best CEO in China Retail Industry” by Institutional Investor worldwide in 2016 

He was awarded the "2016 China Business Innovation Leader" with the comments “Never had any leader of the traditional department store retail giant, can actively embrace the Internet, like Mr. Chen did. At the integration stage of the Internet with Intime, he tries to make a variety of innovations, setting up a good example and benchmark for the Internetization of the department store retail industry of China. 

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