If you are using your own courier to deliver items to the Cavaliari Hotel, please complete the delivery book and send it to Poppy White by Monday 21 March. For the physical delivery, the shipping label must be attached to each piece of consignment.

Please see shipping policy here

Please add the following contact numbers to the booking form:

0039 06 3509 4107 - Maria Grazia 
0039 06 3509 1 - Guest Services


  • You will need to inform WRC operations team of all packages you will be sending, with quantities, for approval
  • Deliveries will only be accepted on Sunday 3 April and Monday 4 April between 08:00-16:00 
  • There will be no deliveries accepted on the event open days, 5 - 7 April
  • A representative from your team must be onsite to sign for your delivery, please note World Retail Congress staff are unable to sign for any deliveries and are not liable for any lost items.
  • It is important to make sure that you arrange your collections pre-event, to make sure that all pieces of your consignment are returned to you. Anything remaining in the venue will be disposed of and should we incur costs these will be invoiced to you.
  • In the event you would like to arrange, at your expenses, a courier to collect some material after the program
    and the Hotel has to store it, it is possible doing so by written communication.
    Based on the space occupied by the above-mentioned material and the number of days the Hotel will have to
    store it, a cost may occur.


RECEIVER: name of one of your staff staying in the Hotel (that may provide with a copy of their ID, if
TO THE ATTENTION OF: Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts
Name of references for the Hotel: Daniele Bordoni (storage attendant)/Poppy White, World Retail Congress.



For packages arriving from the US/Asia, there is usually a fee to be paid by the receiver – even though
shipment fee is paid from the sender. However, the Hotel is not allowed to settle this kind of fee. However, they may
solve this by charging on a credit card you provide - if required we can send a form from the hotel for this that you will need to complete on request. by filling in the form here with enclosed.

Please, kindly note that the Hotel is not entitled to provide its VAT number in this very occasion. As the courier
issues fiscal invoice for the shipments and the Hotel cannot receive invoices for an unpaid service, due to audit

The solution we would like to suggest, in order to avoid the shipment to be hold at the Customs, is to require
for an EORI number. It is an identification number used by Customs to monitor and track shipments coming
into and out of the European Union.

Any courier should have a form you may fill in which also requires a copy of your passport so to activate the
creation of the EORI number. This allows the clearance of the goods from the Customs.
Alternatively, we may suggest you to find an Italian counterpart (such as your DMC) which can provide you
with the Italian VAT number to clear the goods.”

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