World Retail Congress are committed to convening the retail community once again – but also focused on keeping you safe. We are actively tracking the emerging developments and the science around COVID-19. We will continue to monitor and adjust our plans and health protocols as necessary.  We will follow applicable local laws, adapting our plans accordingly and will share regular updates.

For the latest entry requirements into Italy, we would ask you to check the official website for requirements ahead of travelling. Please do continue to check this, as well as your national government website, as it may well  change between now and the event and it is crucial that you are up-to-date.

In terms of entering the congress itself, we are committed to the following to ensure the safety of our staff and delegates onsite during the congress:


●      Delegates must show a health pass on arrival with proof of full COVID-19 vaccination which is valid in Italy in order to collect their Congress badge.

●      A list of vaccines which are approved in Italy and valid types of health pass can be found here.

●      Once you have provided your proof of vaccination and picked up your badge, you will not need to verify your vaccination status again.

Build-up and Breakdown

To view the build-up and breakdown timings, please visit the Event Timings.

All compulsory forms must be submitted by the deadline date, and approved by the organiser and venue in order to gain access to the venue.

Build-up Information

Appropriate clothing, a high vis vest and hard soled shoes with a closed toe must be worn at all times during build-up and breakdown periods. Heels and flip flops will not be tolerated during these periods. For more information please visit the 'Personal Protective Equipment' section listed below.


Contractors will not be permitted to enter the hall until all visitors have left the exhibition hall. We anticipate that this will be 16:30 on Thursday 7th April, but under no circumstances will breakdown begin until the hall is clear – even if this means the start of breakdown will be delayed slightly.  For reasons of security all exhibitors are advised to remove all portable and valuable items and not to leave their stand unattended until the stand has been cleared.


Children under the age of 18 will not be permitted to enter the hall during the build-up, breakdown or show open days. No exception can or will be made to this rule. Security Officers have been instructed not to allow children under 18 on site.

Compulsory Forms - Bespoke Stands

Please see here for all compulsory forms for bespoke and shell stands.

Emergency Procedures

The Emergency Procedures Manual 

This hotel has an Emergency Procedures Manual, which covers a wide variety of  crisis situations. The hotel’s Executive Committee reviews these procedures semi. 

Emergency Power  

This hotel has an emergency generator for designated lighting and power to key  systems and equipment.  

Human Resources 

∙ Drug Free Workplace policy is in place 

∙ Workplace Violence policy/training is in place  

Guest Room Security 

∙ Electronic locks 

∙ Secondary locking device for entry and connecting doors 

∙ Entry door viewer (peephole) 

∙ Self closing entry door 

Fire Protection  

∙ Each guestroom has a smoke detector and all public/service areas have the  sprinkler installation. 

∙ The closest Fire Station is in Via Andrea Verga 2, at approx. 4,7 Km. away. ∙ Emergency Number within the hotel is *6. 

∙ This hotel complies with the requirements of local fire safety enforcement  laws. 

∙ Fire Drills are conducted at least semi-annually involving all team members.  ∙ The fire alarm system includes automatic detection and audible alarms. ∙ Team members trained in fire evacuation procedures are on duty 24/7. ∙ This hotel has 4 emergency escape routes on each floor of which 1 is enclosed. 


∙ Local Hospitals are: 

⮚ Policlinico Agostino Gemelli – Largo A. Gemelli 8 – Ph. +39 06  30154416, at approx. 4 Km. from the hotel. 

⮚ San Filippo Neri – Via G. Martinotti, 20 – Ph. +39 06 33061, at  approx. 4,5 Km. from the hotel. 

∙ There are First Aid, CPR, AEDs trained personnel on every shift Security  

∙ In house security personnel are Hilton and Italpol Security Guards.  ∙ The closest Police Station is in Via Guido Alessi, at approx. 500 mts. away. ∙ 24 hour Security, extension *6 

∙ Security cameras are provided in certain areas as a deterrent to crime Food Safety 

∙ This hotel follows the basic principles of HACCP Guidelines in line with  local and national food hygiene regulations and receives inspection from  authority enforcement agencies. 

Workplace Safety 

∙ This hotel arranges for regular inspections to ensure hazards are identified  and removed or control measures implemented. 

Water Hygiene 

∙ This hotel arranges for water hygiene assessments and regular sampling to  be carried out.


The g-Guide sets standards which will safeguard the health and safety of any person working at or vising an event or exhibition. It is the responsibility of the exhibitors and contractors to comply with these guidelines listed throughout the exhibitor manual.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Poppy White, or you can download a copy of the g-Guide from the website.


World Retail Congress, while taking every precaution, expressly decline any responsibility for any loss or damage that may befall the property or person of an exhibitor from any cause whatsoever. Exhibitors are required to hold Public Liability Insurance minimum of £10 million, please note that this is not the same as Employer’s Liability Insurance. Your company may already have Public Liability Insurance, however please check with your policy holder that this cover is for organised events taking place outside of your business premise. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your public liability needs to cover the build-up period, event open day’s period and the breakdown period.



As stated on page 41 of the g-Guide, tools which create unsafe levels of noise above 80dB must not be used for long periods inside the halls. The organiser and the venue will be monitoring noise levels, and reserve the right to stop work at any time.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Mandatory

It is compulsory for all exhibitors and contractors to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times during build-up and breakdown periods. The venue and Retail Week Live will NOT allow anyone into the venue or for any work to commence without adequate PPE for the job / task. This includes the Halls and Loading Bay. Minimum requirement includes, but is not limited to the below, however the requirement varies as per the task.

  • Suitable footwear. No heels, sandals, open toe shoes during build-up and breakdown
  • High Visibility Vests – compulsory in order to commence build-up and breakdown
  • Suitable headwear must be worn by persons working in the vicinity of high works. An exclusion zone must be set up around these activities when work is being carried overhead or the movement of rigging equipment such as trusses.

Any contractors not abiding to these rules will be removed from the venue by an authorised representative.


  • The venue reserves the right to stop any noisy work at any time upon verbal instruction onsite 
  • The contractor will be fully responsible for any damages or loss of hotel equipment or facilities as the result of their production work
  • Before departure from the venue, all remnants, scraps, wood and other debris are to be removed from the venue by the contractor
  • The contractor will be fully responsible for controlling his employees properly during their presence anywhere in the venue. Contractor shall have a supervisor onsite to handle any labour issues
  • The contractor will be fully responsible for the cleanliness of the work areas after dismantling all their equipment/decoration 
  • The contractor has to bring an under liner for carpet protection prior to starting or dismantling of any work

Safety Regulations

The below Safety Regulations must be adhered to by all contractors:
  • Note the maximum power consumption for working room/area and ensure safety precautions are taken. PAT documents will be required upon request.
  • Any works, installations, cabling connections, etc. using electric current or any other installation which presents fire risk must be acknowledged, approved and supervised by the hotel’s engineering staff
  • The usage of the hotel’s hydraulic lift by contractor workers is prohibited unless manned by the hotel engineering/security personnel
  • The stand designs for all Bespoke Stands must be approved by organiser and the venue’s team before build can commence. All stand designs must be submitted to Poppy White by 22nd February.
  • Contractor has to ensure that all EXIT doors are not blocked or obstructed by any construction materials used
  • All EXIT signs must not be covered by any means, it must remain visible from any direction
  • Under no circumstances may any fire extinguishers be removed, taken down or covered
  • Hotels Fire Safety Rules and Regulations have to be adhered to at all times
  • For transportation of heavy equipment, contractors should seek permission from the Director of Engineering
  • Prior approval must be sought from Poppy White and the venue team if any hot work / welding is to be undertaken
  • The hotel reserves the right to stop construction should the above clauses not be respected

Waste Removal and Aisle Maintenance

The g-Guide states that it is the venue’s responsibility to clean normal waste, however all exhibitors and contractors are responsible for removing any other waste including:
  • Carpet 
  • Crates/pallets
  • Building waste (such as bricks, sand and stand fitting materials)
  • Metal work
  • Large items that will not fit into rubbish receptacles or that need to be removed by mechanical means
  • Hazardous waste (e.g. paints, solvents, chemicals, clinical)
  • Waste, aerosols, oils or lubricants, including rags used in the application of these substances
  • Strip lights (fluorescent tubes) and light bulbs
  • Material produced by working demonstrations of exhibits.
It is important that all aisles are kept clear at all times, these aisles are designated for emergency evacuation and must be easily accessible at all times. Therefore please ensure that all rubbish is removed of accordingly.

Working Equipment

Exhibitors and contractors must ensure that all tools being using onsite are in good working condition and are safe to use. All tools are to be put away when they are not in use, they must not be left unattended or connected to the power supply when they are not in use. PAT documents will be required upon request,

Any tools which create dust are not permitted in the exhibition halls. Please let us know if you require to use any such tools. The above information is included in the g-Guide.

Working at Height

As listed in the g-Guide, please adhere to the regulations below:
  • No work is done at height if it is safe and practical to avoid it
  • All work at height takes account of conditions that could endanger safety (such as high winds or slippery ground)
  • Those working at height must be protected by a guard rail or equipped with a fall arrest harness (except when using a ladder)
  • Those involved in work at height are trained and competent
  • Equipment for work at height is appropriately inspected and free from safety defects
  • The risks from falling objects are properly controlled. Work platforms must have a toe board to prevent items falling
  • Access is controlled to prevent other persons working or walking beneath work at heights
  • Persons working in the vicinity of high works should where a hard hat
  • Persons working at height on mobile elevated work platforms should wear head protection
  • Plans are in place for emergencies and rescue from height
If you require to use a ladder, please take note of the guidelines listed in the g-Guide:
  • Ladders must have industrial rating
  • Ladders for work over 4m are not permitted
  • Leaning ladders must be placed at the correct angle
  • Ladders should only be used on level ground and must be secure
  • The top treads/steps must not be used as a platform for work
  • Users should face the ladder at all times when climbing or dismounting
  • Only one person should climb/work/dismount from the ladder at a time
  • Users must not overreach 
  • Equipment should be checked for suitability and defects each time before us

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