Bespoke Stands

Bespoke Stands are those that are designed and built by your own appointed contractor, however Showcase AVi are also able to design and build a bespoke stand for you.

Neighbouring stands must be built to the same height, therefore please ensure you check your height restriction with Poppy White before commencing your stand design. The standard maximum build height is 2440mm, however Poppy White will contact you if your stand is located in an area that requires a different maximum build height.

Any stands wishing to build above 2440mm must request approval from Poppy White. Kindly note that if you submit stand plans above this height without prior approval, your stand plan will be rejected and you will be asked to re-design your stand.

If you have any questions regarding maximum build height, please contact Poppy White.

Shell Scheme Stands

All Shell Scheme stands are built by our official contractor, Showcase AVi. There are a variety of Shell Scheme stands available - If you would like to purchase a shell scheme, please visit the web shop.

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