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Private Lunch Briefing: Unlocking the true benefits of Retail AI and kickstarting GenAI initiatives

16 Apr 2024
Track 3

This exclusive private lunch will feature insights from Prashant Agrawal, one of the leading experts in AI and Gen AI along with Michael Kennedy, Senior Director, Distribution EMEA from Ralph Lauren. Learn how advanced AI solutions are helping to blend art and science to make sense of a retail business’s data together with human validation to make smarter decisions faster than ever before. AI will revolutionise retailing and Gen AI will make execution super fast. It is already bringing unimaginable benefits. Joining this special lunch with Impact Analytics, one of the world’s fastest growing enterprise AI product companies, will show you how to unlock innovation and boost sales and profits. 

Prashant Agrawal, CEO and Founder - Impact Analytics
Michael Kennedy, Senior Director, Distribution EMEA - Ralph Lauren

Join retail leaders shaping the future of global retailers