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Showcasing lessons from those at the top of their game, the 2024 World Retail Congress explored what “high performance” means for retailing today and how you should be setting goals and ambitions that smash through what was previously acceptable and elevate you to world-class.  

Our key content pillars were focused around the factors that retailers need to consider across their operations in order to meet the demands of their customers, employees, stakeholders and communities.  

Winning with Customers 

Customer-centricity is a requirement of any high-performing retailer today. Putting customer experience through every interaction through every channel is essential to win and retain market share.  

Winning Teams 

Your people are the backbone of any organisation and supporting, stretching, and inspiring your teams to become truly high performing.  

Winning Innovation  

Navigating a quick-moving landscape of innovation is no easy task. Identifying and deploying the new technologies that will have a real impact on your business performance will set you apart.  

Winning with Purpose  

High performing sustainable operations are crucial to our planet. Retailers who have put purpose at their heart are winning customers, revenue and support. 

Join retail leaders shaping the future of global retailers