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With the Congress just moments away we know you might have some unanswered questions. If you need any further assistance, please email

Q. Where is the Congress in Barcelona?

A. The Congress is located at the Arts Hotel, Marina 19-21 Barcelona, 08005 Spain

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Q. When will I receive my ticket or QR code to attend, do I need one?

A. No, you have registered. Simply arrive, find the registration desk and confirm your name/company details and collect your badge.

Q. Where do I collect my badge?

A. Registration is in the Pau Casals Foyer (level -1)

Q. When does registration open?

A. Monday 24 April 14:00 - 20:00

    Tuesday 25 – 27 April daily from 7:30

Q. How do I make connections at the Congress?

A. A simple tap of badges. Your badge will light and buzz to confirm your real-time connections.

Q. How do I access my connection data?

A. Instructions will be sent after the closing of Congress 2023

Q. Do you have an app to view the agenda?

A. You can find your agenda at the touch of a button on your virtual badge, you can also find full details on our website.

Q. Are there any events I need to sign up to?

A. Yes, we have a wide range of fringe events, sign up for the latest events here

Q. Is there a floor plan?

A. Yes you can access the floor plan here


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