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Join the retail revolution at World Retail Congress 2018, where the disruptors and the industry giants gather. You simply won’t find such an innovative group of international retailer leaders of this calibre anywhere else.

The global gathering will give you the opportunity for business networking with like-minded individuals who are redefining the world of retail. When celebrating the retail’s boundary breakers at the World Retail Awards 2018, you’ll have the opportunity to come together in a more intimate environment.

Our exclusive World Retail Congress 2018 app for attendees, will give you the ability to connect with all attendees. It’s an innovative way of business networking, enabling you to schedule meetings onsite.


“I always like to be stimulated and I like to be around very smart people (…) we’ve had plenty of that. I think seeing great friends and making new friends, that’s a really wonderful thing to do.” Marty Wikstrom, Founder, Atelier Fund

“…it’s also a great meeting of minds from across the world and has lovely networking opportunities.” Bijou Kurien, Partner, L Capital

“What I’ve enjoyed most is that it is a melting pot of amazing CEOs and leaders in the retail industry all around the world and it’s one of the rarest events where you can have all these people at one place and be able to reach out to them…” Catherine Mahugu, Founder, Soko

Join retail leaders shaping the future of global retailers