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Brains Trust Workshops are longer workshop-style sessions designed for retailers to discuss and work through a meaty challenge presented to them by an expert moderator. In 2023, topics in Brains Trust sessions ranged from Sustainability to Data and allowed participants to work through a series of challenges presented to them in order to really grapple with the problem at hand. These sessions run for 90-minutes and are designed to be interactive experiences with clear action-orientated outcomes. 

Day 1 – Tuesday 16th April – 16:00 – 17:30 

Brains’ Trust Workshop: Humanizing Retail – Understanding the Holistic Customer  

With the growing prevalence and importance of data collection and analysis across retail, including the increasing proliferation of AI in decision-making, ensuring retailers are not losing sight of the human customer at the end of that data is essential. This highly popular workshop will explore how the “human” elements of retail data can be found and prioritised. Join your peers in exclusive discussions that focus on creating a “total” experience for customers; identifying the barriers to meaningful customer centricity and how innovative tools can assist us with this.  

Hosted by:

  • Alex Genov, Head of Marketing Insights and Customer Research, Zappos 
  • Elsa Pedro do Souto, Global Senior Manager Analytics and BI, Mars 
  • Martin Urrutia Islas, Global Head of Innovation and Experience, LEGO 


Day 2 – Wednesday 17th April – 15:10 – 16:40 

Future-Proofing Retail: Understand and Engage Gen Z through Rapid Prototyping  

In an era where Gen-Z’s consumer preferences evolve at lightning speed, and the digital landscape reshapes the way we think about retail, the key to sustainable growth lies in understanding and engaging the next generation of consumers: Gen Z. "Future-Proofing Retail" is an interactive workshop designed for forward-thinking marketers, brand strategists, and retail innovators eager to connect with this critical demographic. Through a blend of insightful keynote presentation, dynamic Q&A sessions, and hands-on rapid prototyping activities, participants will explore the latest trends, preferences, and values of Gen Z consumers, with the aim of designing retail experiences that resonate with this influential group.

Hosted by:

  • Bobby Jones, Founding Partner, Conspiracy of Love  


Day 3 – Thursday 18th April – 11:30 – 13:00 

Brains’ Trust Workshop: Returns reformation  

Online returns are causing headaches across the retail industry – with high volumes of returns impacting profitability and growth aims for many. This in-depth workshop will explore the differing solutions that could ease the burden of renturns on retailers. Retailers will hear from expert voices on case studies that have turned around the returns conundrum and work together to solve various real-world challenges to workshop new ways of approaching an age-old problem.  

Hosted by:
Sean Sherwin-Smith, Product Director, nShift  

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