Future Retail Challenge

Future Retail Challenge

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The Future Retail Challenge student competition has become an established and popular part of the World Retail Congress. Now in its 7th year, the Future Retail Challenge seeks to promote the future talent in the retail industry across the world. The World Retail Congress partners with retail colleges around the world that are in turn supported by the industry. It is the aim of the Future Retail Challenge to promote the principle of future retail talent, the work that these colleges do, the range of talented students they are preparing for careers in retailing and to bring the students’ fresh thinking and new ideas on retail into the Congress itself.

2015 Challenge

Confirmed colleges are:

  • Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, sponsored by First Insight
  • Fashion Retail Academy, London
  • University of Ancona, Italy
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University sponsored by Li & Fung
  • Keio University, Tokyo

Meet the teams 

The Brief

In the new retail landscape that is being changed and challenged by today’s digitally aware consumers, brands have lost much of their traditional appeal. But across the world, the power of popular celebrities and iconic figures grows ever stronger.

Taking this as the base for this year’s challenge, the task for each team will be to:

Select an iconic figure or celebrity from their college’s home city or country. This figure can be an historic figure, or someone still alive today, or it could be a well-known celebrity from any area of popular culture, sport, entertainment or even politics. The team should make their selection based on who they most admire and who they believe represents a series of values that are clear and are of wide appeal.

Having selected their chosen figure/celebrity, the team will then look to analyse what they represent and stand for. They will develop a brand identity for the individual and then create a retail concept based around the chosen celebrity.

All of the college concepts will be displayed in the networking area of the Congress and the teams will present to a panel of judges in a special session on September 10. The winning team will be presented with a trophy at the Closing Gala Dinner that evening.

Previous Challenges 

The Judges

Bernie Brookes

Bernie Brookes

Former CEO

Gilbert Harrison

Gilbert Harrison



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